Terms And Conditions

  1. Free trial of the App for 5 days after registration.
  2. Select PRIME/ PREMIUM package.
  3. Pay ONLINE, Payment is non- refundable and non- adjustable.
  4. Login to your e- classes by clicking on the LIVE button on the lower right corner.
  5. Attendance will be automatically marked.
  6. Assessments will be held per month, Parents can check the progress of this child.
  7. Recording or sharing of e- classes or e-content is strictly prohibited.
  1. Fix a peaceful study place permanently in your house with no distraction to attend the e- classes.
  2. During the class, students must keep their video ON and mic on MUTE.
  3. For any query, the child can write in the chat box or raise hand. It will be resolved in the last 5 minutes of the e- class