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Digi Nurture Kids

The Educational Gaming app

For age group 2 to 5 + years

Helps your child learn while playing

Digi Nurture Kids

Gaming App

Digi Nurture kids gaming app is a unique and exceptional offering by Digi Nurture for our little curious minds. At their tender age whatever they learn becomes the basis of their future. With that in mind, we have curated this app with the utmost care.

This app contains gripping games, captivating animated stories & poems that educate your little ones conceptually and morally.

The games are interactive and gripping at the same time and make "learning while playing" a reality. The kids won't realize they are learning & yet they will.
The stories are handpicked from our treasureof kid's stories. They are so beautifully animated that kids will be glued to them till the end ensuring compulsive learning.
The fun rhymes are a pure delight. Easy to recite and theme based poems are a perfect example for learning while playing. The sweet and soothing music & engaging animations are a treat for kids which they will love to watch all day.
Thorough Concepts- The curriculum is carefully crafted and focuses on clearing the basic concepts in a fun and interesting way that lays a strong foundation for the future.
Customized Learning Programs- The programs are tailored to suit every child’s needs. We don’t follow the "One-size-fits-all" policy. The programs adapt to each child’s pace and learning curve.
Compulsive Learning- The content is so engaging that it facilitates compulsive learning naturally.
Riveting Experience- Our sole aim is to make your kid's childhood an experience they would cherish all their lives.
Read Aloud- Kids can learn pronunciation and different word with single alphabet with these exercises.
Writing- With exercises like 'Trace the dotted lines' kids can learn to write and recognize alphabet.
Practice- Kids can practice the topics multiple times with the practice exercises available.
Activities- With fun-filled activities kids will love this app and explore their interests and talents which can be groomed from the start.