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About Us

Digi Nurture is a leading company in digital learning. Found in 2020, when the pandemic broke out and everything/life was on hold and Children’s education suffered the most, we had to find a permanent solution to this temporary mess we were in. Thus Digi Nurture Digital learning Educational app came into existence, with an aim to provide a digital learning platform for kids at home, as their safety was as crucial as their education. Digi Nurture Educational App is a perfect amalgamation of technology and creativity. A robust app equipped with all the necessary tools for a comprehensive education for classes 1st to 8th that covers all the subjects. It’s stocked with fascinating animated videos, fun activities, thoughtfully crafted practice sheets which the children will enjoy doing.

Digi Nurture Kids Gaming App is intended for the pre-primary toddlers who have just entered the learning world. It’s perfect for playing and studying. The games are so interesting with vivid colours and cute music that they would play them all day and not realise that they are studying.


What classes we cater too?

Classes 1-8 ( E- content)

Classes 3-12(Evening E- Classes)


What Subject we offer?

E- content of all subjects( for Classes 1-8)

Evening E- classes as mentioned-

Mathematics and Science(for Classes 3-8)

English, Computers ( for classes 3-12)

Accountancy, Economics (for 11-12)

Why Digi Nurture

Access to everything a child needs to learn

Digi Nurture is designed to make all that your child needs to learn, accesible with just one subscription:

1 EngagingVideo
2 PracticeExercises
3 E-books